CHILD is proud to serve as the lead agency for the Houston Touchpoints Project. Houston is part of the national network of over 50 sites that have been trained in the Brazelton Touchpoints Approach. The Houston Touchpoints Project focuses on training two specific professional areas: early care and education, and social and mental health services. The Houston Team members work both with professionals and directly with families. All team members and their respective organizations have experience in working collaboratively on various projects.


The process of parenting young children is demanding and often confusing. Many of the formal services – child care, social services and pediatrics – search for strategies to provide authentic guidance or support. The Touchpoints model, developed by one of the nation’s leading pediatricians and best-selling authors, provides a means of joining with the parent in the system of care around a child that can be integrated into existing practice. Touchpoints themselves are predictable periods in development at which a child’s behavior seems to fall apart. They can be seen as points of change for the child and the family. By forming an alliance with parents on behalf of their child, the Touchpoints model provides a framework for behavioral and developmental intervention.

Developed by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and his colleagues at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, one of the nation’s leading pediatricians and author of several best-selling books, the Touchpoints approach emphasizes prevention through strengthening relationahips between parents and providers increasing knowledge of child development. For more information on Touchpoints, visit Brazelton Touchpoints Center on the web at