With consistent, predictable routines, a child hears and sees limits and rules many times.  With sensitive guidance, she has tested the rule many times, and now understands what the rule is.  When she looks at you while breaking the rule, she is showing you that she knows the rule, and is checking to see whether the rule will be enforced.  She will do this many times as well! 

Because she has little self-control, she needs you to be consistent in setting and reinforcing established rules and limits.  Calmly and consistently state rules, and then following up by physically, yet gently, enforcing the rule.  Remember that infants and young toddlers have a hard time controlling their bodies, so she may need your help.  Young children have an inner struggle with their own independence.  She wants to please you, but she also wants to discover who she is by testing the limits of her own power.